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Hand Held Products Data Collection Terminals
Hand Held Products Data Collection Terminals Labelers  - Monarch Marking Systems Labels Monarch 6015 printer for Palm III TM
Spreadsheet Simplicity
Dolphin Image-Capture
Honeywell - Hand Held Products

Keep smiling using Dolphin

Numeric Dolphin

The Dolphin Laser Scanner




Easy to use - One hand operated



Dolphin communicating with host and charging Bat


RF Dolphin

Comfortable Patented Shape
Allows true, one-handed operation. Fits either hand comfortably.
Light Weight and Pocket-Sized
Just 12 ounces (340 grams) and ergonomically designed for the user's hand.
Easy To Program
Program in MicroSoft C++, Borland or use the Hand Held Products Simplicity™ family of rapid application development software.
Proven, Rugged and Reliable
The Dolphin's extra thick ABS case can handle repeated 5-foot (1.5m) drops to concrete. Its gasketed seams earned an IP65 (environmentally sealed) rating. Single board construction eliminates weak mechanical connections and epoxy-coated keys prevent keyboard legend wear. The Dolphin is designed for years of tough, every day use.
Large, Easy-to-Read 8-line x 20-character Backlit Display
Can display text or graphics, including foreign character sets. Natural scan and viewing angle.
Reliable Optical Communications
Dolphin uses reliable infrared optical communications to upload and download data to PC's and printers..
Scan or Key-In Data
Non-contact laser reads all standard bar code symbologies. Up to 72" (183 cm) with reflective labels.
2 convenient keyboard options:
    - 36 Key Alpha-Numeric Keypad,
    - 20 Key Numeric-Alpha Keypad.
Long Battery Life
Up to 32,000 scans or 20 hours of operation from a single charge.
Memory to Spare
Expand up to 12MB of memory. (2MB RAM + 10MB Non-volatile FLASH)
Easily Upgradeable To Wireless (RF) or Wide Area Network (WAN).
Available with 5 Different Scanning Options
- Dolphin™   (Scans from 2 to 36" or 5.1 to 91.4cm)
- Dolphin LR (Long Range scanning from 10 to 80" or 25.4 to 203.2cm)
- Dolphin HD (High Density bar code scanning from 2 to 8.5" or 5 to 21.6cm)
- Dolphin HV (High Visibility scanning in high ambient light)
- Dolphin NS (Non-Scanning option for keyboard data-entry only)
Dolphin's Technical Specifications

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