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6020 Pathfinder Printer Specifications:

Monarch 6020 Pathfinder Printer

Standard Features: (back to index)

Standard Features
Dimensions: Weight - 0.891 kg
Shipping Weight - 1.580 kg
Printhead: 6020 30 mm/224 dots
6021 38 mm/224 dots
Display: 1 Line LCD, 16 Characters
Keypad: 12 numeric/function keys
Black to White Print Ratio: 30% black maximum per square inch

Selectable Features: (back to index)

Features Selectable at Initial Purchase:
Bar Code Fonts (choose one)
Human Readable Fonts (choose two)
Date and Time Format


Supplies: (back to index)

Only Monarch® supplies are recommended.
Supply Sizes: 6020 Width 30mm - Lengths - 14mm, 28mm, 56mm and 74mm
6021 Width 38mm - Lengths - 14mm, 28mm, 56mm and 74mm

Performance: (back to index)

Power: 12 VDC Ni-Cd battery
220 V/50 Hz VAC adapter

Minimum Battery Recharge Time:
8 hours with standard VAC adapter - 1.5 hours with Monarch 6094™ Station Charger

Printing Rate: 46 mm per second

Environment Ranges: (back to index)

Environment Ranges
Temperature: Operating
4° to 43° C
4° to 43° C
Humidity: Operating and Storage:
5% to 90% non-condensing
Electrostatic Discharge and Air Quality: Some problems with electronic equipment may occur in environments prone to static discharge or extreme dust conditions. Monarch suggests that you take precautions to minimize these problems.

Contact your Monarch representative for recommended precautions.

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In our ongoing effort to deliver the best technology, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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