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9825, 9850, 9855 & 9860 Firmware Updates:

Monarch 9855 Printer

Warning: Make sure you are downloading the correct files for the printer.
Using the wrong files may permanently damage the printer's control board.
Repairs of this type are not covered by any Maintenance Agreement or any Warranty expressed or implied.

Update Check List

  1. Determine the printer's current resident loader and application versions.


    • Resident (Boot) Loader Version - Make sure the printer is turned off. Turn on the printer and watch display.
      You will briefly see:



    • Application Version - Print a test label by pressing the left and right arrow keys on the printer's control panel at the same time.


      Important:   To perform an update, you must have a 9825 (version 1.0 or greater) or 9850 (version 2.0 or greater) printer.


  2. Determine if any updates are needed.
    The following compatibility charts show the current versions of both the resident loader and the application. The application is linked to a specific resident loader; it is important to verify both versions.

    If the resident loader is out of date, it must be updated prior to updating the application. Make sure the application and resident loader are compatible.

    Monarch 9825
    Application Version 3.1
    Resident Loader Version 3.0


    Monarch 9850
    Application Version 3.7
    Resident Loader Version 2.1


    Monarch 9855 9860
    Application Version 8.7
    Resident Loader Version 3.2


  3. If you have any questions about updating the printer's firmware, call Customer Service and ask for Technical Support before continuing.


  4. Install Monarch MPCL Toolbox on your computer.
    MPCL Toolbox (Version 1.12 or greater) is required to update the firmware on the printer. If you have not already installed MPCL Toolbox, you can do so here: MPCL Toolbox 1I.


  5. Copy the application and, if necessary, the resident loader to your computer.
    Select the links above to copy the files to your computer. When prompted by Windows, select "Run this program from its current location". The program automatically locates MPCL Toolbox and copies the update to the appropriate folder. When the firmware is copied to your computer, detailed instructions for updating the firmware appear.


  6. Update the printer's firmware.
    update the resident loader if the current version differs from the version listed in the chart above.
    Follow the instructions provided with the update.
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